Christmas Drinks

We've got your Christmas drinks sorted !!

Thanks to one of our happy customers for this gorgeous pic - Blood Orange Cordial & Soda enjoyed at a recent picnic. Try adding a splash of Blood Orange to Vodka & Tonic, champagne cocktails or Campari. Blood Orange season will finish soon - don't miss out !

Passionfruit & Vodka Spritzer

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add 30 ml Vodka and 60 ml of MBK Passionfruit Cordial. Fill the glass with soda and serve with lime slices on top.

Pimms Fruit Cup

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add 30 ml Pimms and 60 mls of MBK 50/50 Cordial*. Fill with tonic and serve with thin strips of cucumber, mint and sliced strawberry. This was one of our favourites last Christmas.

*50/50 is our homemade version of orange and lemon Kia Ora "fruit cup" cordial.

Summer is here and it's almost Christmas. Enjoy the festive season with these gorgeous drinks. Neighbours and friends will love these !

Enjoy !