Week 21 - 52 weeks without the supermarket

Delicious Cocktails

21 weeks without the supermarket has not driven me to the liquor cabinet ! In fact, it's quite the opposite and now, after almost half a year, I can truly say that a significant portion of stress has been removed from my usual everyday activities.

So with reduced stress and plenty of warm weather still to come, here are some delicious serving suggestions with any of our MBK preservative free, fruit cordials -

Champagne cocktail with Made by Katherine Pink Grapefruit Cordial - every bit as delicious as it looks ! (photo courtesy of Made by Maryanne).

Our friends at The Canberra Distillery make some fine spirits, and all from scratch. Current popular favourite is MBK Pink Grapefruit Cordial with their gin or vodka.

Other highly popular beverages with our cordials include:

Mojito / Margerita / Moscow Mule / Sangria / Punch / Caipirinha / Pimms / Campari - just to name a few.

A current favourite - the Brazilian Caipirinha

Use a chilled "rocks glass" (lowball tumbler). Place quartered lime over ice and add a sprinkle of sugar. Stir. Add a splash of MBK Lime Cordial. Pour over Cachaca (Brazil's most common distilled beverage) - about 50 mls. Serve with a stirring rod. Tangy, a little sweet, refreshing - absolutely gorgeous !!