Week 8 - 52 weeks without the supermarket

As soon as Blood Orange season starts, it seems as if we're headed for Christmas on that rollercoaster rush ! This year, I'm taking the time to "be present". It takes away all that unnecessary stress and manufactured urgency (cleverly used for marketing purposes !)

This delicious and refreshing product is gorgeous over ice with soda water (as pictured), and garnished with mint and strawberries. Alternatively, it can be added to an endless list of summery cocktails - our favourite Campari, Pimms, Champagne, Vodka Tonic, Gin & Tonic, Mojito and more...

These oranges make a delectable marmalade, or can be dried and dipped into chocolate.  These make thoughtful holiday gifts with a difference.

Time for a straight up, freshly juiced Blood Orange before some more kitchen production !