Week 5 - 52 weeks without the supermarket

Nothing special to report this week without the supermarket. So following on from the success of the recent medal at the Australian Food Awards, I throught I'd share this delicious recipe that has been a hot favourite with family and friends. It features the prize winning - Pear Lime & Chilli Chutney.

There's nothing quite like a really good sandwich, roll or burger. And I think the key is to use the freshest and best available ingredients as well as adding a few homemade touches - such as mayo, chutney, sauce etc. A brioche roll makes this an absolutely mouth watering burger. Check this out...

Chicken PLC Burger

Mix 1 cup of flour with a pinch of salt, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika and mustard powder in a bowl. Coat bite size chicken pieces (chicken thigh fillets are best) in the flour. Fry chicken pieces until golden brown (about 6-7 mins each side) and drain on kitchen paper.

Layer the burger as follows:

Spread some homemade mayo (or quality bought mayo) on the brioche bun. Add some chicken pieces, couple of red onion rings, a generous spoonful of MBK Pear Lime & Chilli Chutney, thinly shaved cucumber slices and a pinch of black sesame seeds. Enjoy with a chilled beer !