Week 7 - 52 weeks without the supermarket

There's nothing quite like a roadtrip to stock up on fresh produce from roadside stalls and there were plentyto be found, between Adelaide and Melbourne. So I returned home with an impressive array of fresh fruit and vegies, nuts, honey, eggs, wine and more !

But the place that really caught my attention was Lola's Garage (pictured) located in Nhill. This amazing Aladdin's cave is located on the main road, right hand side as you head out of town towards Adelaide. You will find room after room full of sometimes rare and quirky, retro, vintage items. Clothes, books, furniture, general household items, textiles and more, can be found in abundance. I really enjoyed chatting with the delightful owners - sisters Pauline and Tania. I was most amused by the 1940's record that was playing a jaunty, sometimes crackly tune through wired up old speakers. I could have easily spent half a day happily fossicking !

Eventually I couldn't resist a giant Fowlers jar approximately 2 litres in size - perfect for large flowers. Can't wait to revisit when next headed for Adelaide. If you happen to visit, a sign out the front states "Open 12 - 5 sometimes". Check it out !