Week 1 - no supermarket for 52 weeks

July 2nd - Sunny Fresh and Crisp: A perfect winter morning for a Farmer's Market.

The St Kilda Veg Out Farmer's Market is held on the first Saturday of every month.  Located behind Melbourne's famous (some might say "infamous") Acland St., the market has a fantastic array of fresh fruit & vegetables, meat, chicken, gourmet cheeses, nuts, coffee, condiments, sweet treats and more.  Moreover, its all Victorian grown!

This morning's shopping adventure started with a large amount of citrus - lemons, oranges, tangelos and limes. This was followed by a visit to the fine folks at Pacdon Park who produce the most delectible hams, english style sausages, bacon and an ominous looking haggis which I must confess I have thus far been too timid to try!  (Sadly I am still a little of a culinary wimp!) This was followed by more fruit and veg, all of it fresh and bursting with flavour, delectable beef from the wonderful Warialda Belted Galloway Beef, some gorgeously creamy Artisan blue cheese from Locheilan, Schulz organic greek yogurt and because I was in the mood for an indulgence some organic hazelnut chocolate from my friends at Cocoa Rhapsody.

Even when I'm not actually working in a weekend market I can't imagine being anywhere else. I have so many talented friends making amazing products - and coast to coast our country is rich with similar talent.

Now home from the market I should launch myself into making some warming winter fare for the coming week.

Better ingredients, better life !