Week 3 - 52 weeks without the supermarket

A good part of this weekend was spent at the original Ballendella Farm. This was the farm of many happy childhood summers. It was the farm pioneered by my great grand parents - Harold & Lillian Waterman, early 1900's. This is the veranda we sat on during hot summer afternoons, drinking Aunty Olive's gorgeous, thirst quenching Lemon Cordial - the same popular cordial we make today. Blood Orange season is almost upon us and we'll have plenty of this much sought - after, ruby red favourite.

I was fortunate enough to be able to speak with some dairy farmers while in the area. Many family run dairies in the region are generational. Some are only just breaking even, while others are running at a loss. They all work 7 days a week, and they all face a level of uncertainty that is difficult for most city folk to imagine.

I stopped in at a few farms and was lucky enough to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables picked straight from garden beds, herbs, freshly laid eggs, honey, nuts, meat, cheese and much more. I find the current debate on "illegal raw milk" quite intriguing - we drank this during childhood, and never got sick !!

It's been a weekend of reflection.

Have a great week !