Week 2 - 52 weeks without a supermarket

It's been another blissful week without the supermarket !

This shot was taken on an early morning foray to the Queen Vic market, in between deliveries. Considered decisions can be made in the peace and quiet of an early morning shop. Gleaming counters boast wide selections of the best in cheeses, meats, dairy, honey, nuts and seeds, dips, spices and much more. Handcrafted artisan products are in great abundance. This is a peaceful space free of trolley rage, where car parking is free from Sunday to Friday, between 6 - 10 am. It's well worth the trip. The market itself, is open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

This is an ideal place to stock up on weekly snacks. A variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruits can be combined to make your own trail mix packs. Look out for a recipe on our Facebook page for "Birdseed Bar". This quick and easy recipe will make a good supply of scrumptious, refined sugar free, muesli type bars.

It's probably a little too early to make a definitive comment, but so far, the weekly food shop costs are down by 20 - 30 %. Other (significant) benefits include - stress / cost free parking, no "jamming" trolley wheels, no depressing queues under harsh fluorescent lighting that lead to self serve registers that repeatedly announce "assistance required" and no elevator music !

What's not to love ? Have a great week !