Week 14 - 52 weeks without the supermarket

November 25 - 27th, Bowerbird, Adelaide

On the recent drive over to Adelaide to attend Bowerbird, I was thinking about the transition of my hobby into a full time business. One of the things I love about a roadtrip, is the time to think. It's all too easy to get onto that treadmill of 'busyness' and not have enough time to think and plan, especially at this time of year. I think I planned all of 2017 on the trip over !

I could never have envisaged all the new friends and networks that now surround me. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the people I know who make and design - gourmet food, textiles, clothes, jewellery, shoes, knives, wooden spoons, art work, paper products and so much more. Bowerbird is a high end, thoughtfully curated event, hosting the best of creativity from SA and Australia wide. On this trip, I met makers and designers who had made long trips from Perth, Brisbane and remote Tasmania. It was such a pleasure to discuss and exchange ideas, at the end of each flat out busy day of trading.

I was happy to do some quality Christmas shopping at Bowerbird. And I had many customers who specifically came to Bowerbird to do their entire Christmas shopping. There were also many interstate visitors who specially flew in for the event. Being Christmas, this all added to the festive vibe of the weekend. The pavilion was exquisitely decorated, and there were many engaging workshops to attend. And for all the folk who stopped for delicious, gourmet food and drinks to refresh themselves, there were long boarding school style refectory tables with long lines of vases filled with pretty posies. It was truly an inspirational atmosphere.

As a small maker, I can say that we (small batch producers), are a group of really passionate and committed individuals. It's really hard at times - lifting heavy things and bad weather at outdoor events - just to name a couple of tricky factors. But when things come together, such as at these premier events, there's such an incredible sense of satisfaction at having made something with your own two hands, and a whole lot of imagination.

This time I decided to try some "glamping" down at the beach. As I fell asleep listening to the waves, I thought about new product lines, friends working alongside me, stunning artworks, detailed designs, new friends, my favourite wine bar in Adelaide....

Find what you really love doing. Then surround yourself with your "tribe". The level of satisfaction and fulfillment is beyond measure.

Time passes anyway....so you may as well do what you love.