Week 12 - 52 weeks without the supermarket

Preserved vegetables

Preserving vegetables is a great way to keep a few staple items on hand for an antipasto platter, a pasta dish or a salad addition. And it couldn't be easier ! These simple, slow roasted tomatoes are bursting with flavour that seems to develop with the slow roasting. The roast capsicum are slightly fiddly, but well worth the mouth watering, colourful, sweet result. Sealed in a jar, these make perfect hostess gifts.

Slow Roasted Tomatoes with fresh Thyme

12 large, ripe tomatoes

olive oil

salt, pepper, fresh thyme

Pre heat the oven to 160 degrees. Cut tomatoes in half and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Drizzle over a little olive oil. Break off small pieces of thyme and scatter over tomatoes. Roast in oven for 3 - 4 hours, until the skins are wrinkled. Move tray, if necessary, to ensure even cooking. Leave on tray until cooled.

Fill clean glass jars with tomatoes and top with enough olive oil to submerge tomatoes. These will keep for about 3 months. Try serving over homemade pasta with freshly grated parmesan. Simplicity & deliciousness !

Roast Capsicum with Capers

3 large red capsicum

1 large yellow capsicum

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup water

2 tbsp white sugar

1 tsp salt

1 clove crushed garlic

1 tbsp capers

olive oil

Pre heat oven to 180 degrees. Place capsicum on a tray and bake. Turn frequently until skin is blistered on all sides. Remove from oven, put capsicum into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap for 15 minutes. (This will make it easy to remove skins.)

Gently remove skin and drain off juice. Slice into strips and add capers.

Boil vinegar, water, sugar, salt and garlic over medium heat. Pour onto the capsicum and leave for 30 minutes. Drain capsicum (keeping some of the liquid) and pack into clean jars. Add a tablespoonful of brine to each jar, and top with olive oil.

These capsicum can be used right away, but more flavour will develop over being left to sit for a few days. These will keep in the fridge for 3 months. Serve with pasta, bruschetta or in a sandwich. It is these types of homemade condiments that create unforgettable flavours !