Summer Fruit


We have great produce here in Victoria. There is so much lovely fruit in the MBK kitchen at the moment, so we decided to share some favourite poached fruit recipes.

Poached Stone Fruits with Vanilla

Apricots, nectarines, peaches - halved, stones removed

Place fruit into a pan and scatter with sugar, to taste. Add water so that fruit is barely covered. Add 1 vanilla bean*- split, with seeds scraped into pan. Poach on a gentle heat until fruit softens. Spoon into large jars and refrigerate.

This can be kept in the fridge, easily for a week. Great for breakfast or a snack and delicious with yogurt.

Using the same method, we also love - Plum & Cinnamon, Apple & Rhubarb with Star Anise (pictured on the left), Mango & Saffron, Apricot & Cardamom…..try some of these. They are so easy and delicious in summer.

*Vanilla bean or paste can be used. We love Tahitian or Madagascan Vanilla. Available from gourmet goods stores.